Dental Refining

Noble Metal Refining

How Noble maximizes your dental scrap return. 
Not all refiners follow this detailed process to maximize their customer’s results.


Come witness the smelting of your dental scrap material right in front of your eyes. Noble provides shipping labels and containers to send your dental scrap in with ease.  Noble provides a quick turnaround time paying customers within a few days of receipt of the dental scrap or get paid right on the spot, same day, when witnessing the melts.

NMR provides unmatched customer service and the highest returns on dental scrap materials. Each dental lot is evaluated and assigned a unique customer number to trace the entire refining process. Come see for yourself!

Interested in the details? 

NMR provides a transparent refining experience for dentist and dental labs that is not only accurate but verifiable too.  Unlike any other dental refiner in America, NMR, upon request will provide a pin-core sample for “umpiring.” A pin-core is a homogenous sample taken from the melt right before the ingot or bar is poured.  The customer may take this sample from their melt and “double check” or “umpire” the analytics with a 3rd party laboratory.  

Most dental refiners smelt dental scrap by adding copper to blend the metal into a homogenous bar or ingot and then X-Ray fluorescence (X-Ray) the bar to determine purity.   Noble atomizes the dental scrap to start a process referred to as digestion. 

After pouring a mix-metal bar, Noble atomizes the bar into casting grain. This creates more surface area on the metal for digestion to separate the precious elements out in pure form.  In NMR’s laboratory, we manufacture .9999 Au, Ag and Pd. Because of the complex methods NMR utilizes to provide the highest returns, we invite our customers to not only tour our facility but witness the entire process of their metal being refined.   NMR has a unique process to handle sweeps, vacuum systems, carpet, flash, grindings, and any other low-grade material that comes from the manufacturing of dental alloys, crowns and bridges.   See low grade page.